YXT-200 Grain counting and filling machine
YXT-200 Grain counting and filling machine

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Product Description:


FRS-200 Grain counting and filling machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, it can automatic account the quantity of granular products,and filling the product into the bottle.



1.Two block vases mounted in the bezel, adopt the cylinder control, so no noise.
2. The rotating components adopt the box-type structure, prevent dust and lubrication,product contact parts is made of stainless steel, low noise,       simple maintenance, ensure that the particle cleanliness and equipment easy cleaning.
3.The production speed can be adjusted.
4. Photoelectric control system to automatically boot to the bottle, stop automatically when the shortage of bottles.
5. Comply with the GMP standard.


1. production capacity of 40 to 80 bottles / min,
2.product specifications: φ3-φ25mm
3, bottle size :30-1000ml glass bottles, plastic bottles
4, The input power supply: 220V/380V 50/60Hz
5, Machine size :1700*800*1500mm
6.The machine weight: 450KG