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DPB-250 Blister packing machine for paste
DPB-250 Blister packing machine for paste

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Product Description:

This machine is suitable for packing liquid product,such as honey,peanut butter,chocolate,jam etc.through change the feeder,it also can used for packing the grain product,such as capsule,tablet,chew gum etc.

The machine body adopt guide track structure instead of housing window localization. Moulds such as forming, heat seal, punch can be adjusted willingly on the guide track, suitable for different size plates, easy adjust, good adaptability, high accuracy.
Mechanism hands for traction, stroke adjustable, easy operation, stable running.
With parallelaxes bevel gears reducer, avoid loosen or slippage caused by chain or belt.
Mould location by pin, easy change mould.
Frequency converter speed change, punch frequency 6—35 adjustable
Adjustable operation panel, suitable for different plates, easy operation.
Can equip with PLC, human-machine interface, high automization,photoelectronic registration, localize heat seal, automatic error compensation.
Aluminum foil reel adopt stable device, cancelled the affection of pull force change with the ALU foil reel gradually diminish, thus it made a great role in synchronization.
The up and low moulds for heat seal mate each other completely, with multi level cylinder compressing heat sealing, the net pattern show clearly, firm, and reach 100% seal.
Low heating temperature of up and low heating with aluminum alloy, finally make out the plump forming blister, specially suitable for packing of hot sensitivity medicines.

Punch Frequency 10-60 times/min 1—6 blisters/time
(stroke>80,blister depth>10,not ensure 30times/min)
Capacity 7200 blisters/h(count on 4 blisters/time,30 times/min)
Forming Area 240×160(mm2)(max)
Stroke Standard 20—125mm,max stroke: 160mm
Blister Specification standard:80×57mm
Ref spec :80×57 95×65 103×43 120×43
( can be designed according to user’s requirement )
Blister of each blister Be designed according to user’s requirement
Packing Material PVC: 0.15—0.5×250mm
PTP ALU foil: 0.02—0.35×250mm
Dialysis paper : 50—100g×250mm
Reel diameter: 70—76mm
Heating Power Up and lower forming:1.5KW
Heat sealing power:1.5KW
Main Motor Y90L—6 1.5Kw
Pump Capability >0.2m3(self equip) pressure:0.4—0.6Mpa
Mould Cooling Tap water or recycle water: 60L/h
Overall Size 2980×720×1600(L×W×H)
Weight About 1600kg