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DPB-420 Blister packing machine for medical consumable
DPB-420 Blister packing machine for medical consumable

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Product Description:

1. Suitable for sensitive anti-pollution materials, such as disposable needle, syringe, transfusion ware etc.
2. Chinese and western medicine: panax, deer antler, pill etc.
3. Special local product, electric components, pneumatic component etc solid material.

1. Low film pre-heat: up and lower heat board joint heating low film, high efficiency, auto separating while traction
2. PVC forming: under the cam action up and lower mould joint-lock, with seal ring ensure no air leakage, stable vacuum forming .
3. Heat seal: under the cam action up and lower mould joint-lock. Up mould heating and with cylinder buffering. Up and lower mould net pattern good sealing.
4. Mechanism adjust: the moulds cabinet and be adjusted on the machine base. Convenient for mould exchange.
5. Mould location: clamping plate location, easy operation and exchange.
6. Blister strip cutting: cross cut by cylinder, easy position adjust. Hob cutter perforation or length cut, can add or minus hob cutter accord to blister strip.
7. Print device: relief printing, synchronization print, save materials.

Working frequency 6-12 times/min 1—20pcs/time 
Capacity 2400-12000 (count on 4pcs/time , 10 times/min) 
Forming size 375×375×50(mm2) Max. 
Stroke 20—400mm 
Reference blister strip spec. 
Ref spec. (1) Needle: 20pcs/time
Syringe:1ml 11pc/time
2.5ml 10-20pc/time
5ml 9-18pcs/time
10ml 8pcs/time
(2) size 192*120*60 2pcs/time, 11times/min 
Packing material Up film: 0.02—0.1×400mm (Dialysis paper, ALU foil)
Low film: 0.1—0.3×420mm (Soft film, hard PVC)
Fill roll inner diameter:φ70-76mm
Fill roll outer diameter:φ250mm 
Heat power Up and lower forming heat: 6kw
Heat seal: 6kw 
Main motor Servo motor 1.5Kw 
Air compressor >0.2m3 (Customer self equip with it) 
Pressure: 0.4—0.6Mpa 
Vacuum pump Vacuum degree -0.09Mpa 
Mould coolant Tap water or recycle water 60L/h 
Overall size 5000×980×1860(L×W×H) 
Weight About 2200kg