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FRS-600 Simple type coating machine
FRS-600 Simple type coating machine

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Product Description:

Coating machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry tablets, pills and granules coating, after coating polished ,
the product has a shiny surface, to prevent oxidation, moisture or volatile.This coating equipment include a set host machine 
and a set spray device

1.5L simple liquid spray device
From high to low gravity fluid supply, as long as the liquid is added to the liquid cup, open the following switches, slurry can gravity to the spray gun. Spray Gun adopt Taiwan Polaroid spray gun, spray liquid evenly.
12L advanced liquid spray device
The machine equipped with pneumatic adjustable speed stirring, adjustable liquid temperature controlled, adjustable flow. Pneumatic mixing adopt the needle valve to adjust the gas flow rate, to reach adjustment stirring speed. Silicone tube, constant flow pump,meet the GMP standard. Spray liquid using imported high-atomized spray gun, spray evenly,spray rate adjustable. The device has wheels, easy to move.

Machine pot diameter 600 (mm)
The sugarcoated pot speed 50(r / min)
Main motor power 750(W)
Blower power 100(W)
Electric wire power 800 (W)
Production capacity 20-30(kg / time)
Dimensions 650 × 450 × 920(mm)
Weight 85(kg)

We can offer you different capacity coating machine