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GF-400L/F Alu/plastic tube filling and sealing machine
GF-400L/F Alu/plastic tube filling and sealing machine

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Product Description:

This machine is suitable for operating filling, sealing a quantity of
viscosity of oil, cream,gel etc ointment.

It adopts semi-closed geological structure to isolate workshop and the external surroundings. There are glossy surfaces with no trap and no blind areas in the workshop. It can be observed, cleaned and dismounted easily.
There is smooth, trim, pretty designed and mechanical polishing external surface, chamfering and round dealt passing face. The external surface should be polished if the aisle and related part contact direct with ointment to clean easily, keep no blind-cleaning trachoma and no slit. The case shell can be opened fully to clean the inner service sealing mechanism, dismount filling and measurement mechanism easily.
Work and non-work area adopt special sealing device and foreign material stayed device in order to protect from producing foreign material pollution when running.
Machine structure have necessary adjustment device such as filling level adjustment and speed adjustment.

Tube material:Alu tube,
Tube diameter φ10—φ55
Tube length 50—250(customizable)
Filling volume 5—400ml/tube(adjustable)
Filling accuracy ≤±1%
Product capacity(pc/min) 30-60(adjustable)
Working pressure 0.55—0.65mpa, 0.1m3/min
Motor power 2. kw (380V 50Hz)
Overall dimension(mm) 2620×1020×1980
Machine weight(kg) 1100