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MG-203D Pulsation Vacuum Sterilizer
MG-203D Pulsation Vacuum Sterilizer

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Product Description:

The sterilizer is used for the sterilizing the clothes, apparatus, vessels, culture medium, small amount of liquid in the unsealed bottles.

1. The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel. It is designed and manufactured by the Chinese standard GB-150 and is checked by national technical inspection department in China. The sterilizer is firm and durable.
2. The inner surface of the chamber is finely polished, glabrous, corrosion-proof and easy for cleaning.
3. The equipment has over-pressure safety device, which is safe and reliable.
Door Structure
1. The sterilizer is automatic operated door structure. The door is open and closed by motors. It is made of SS304.
2. The door of the sterilizer is pressured-air sealed.
3. Single-door Structure. It has single-door safety interlocking system. When the door is not closed, then steam can not enter the chamber. When the steam pressure in the chamber is more than 0.027MPa, the door cannot open.
Pipeline System
1. The pipeline system is composed of the controlling valve, pipelines and the filter. It is also the energy transfusion and controlling channels of the sterilizer.
2. Controlling valve is pneumatic valve, which has the advantages of strong heat resistance performance, reliable operation and low fault rate, which will ensure the overall performance of the sterilizer.
3. The pipelines are connected by stainless steel pipelines. It uses hoop fitting, which is easy for installation, maintenance and inspection.
4. The pipeline is polished, glabrous, and easy for cleaning.
5. The air filter adopts sterile filter, which can prevent the second pollution of the goods. 
Controlling System
1. The controlling system is mainly composed of PLC from Mitsubishi. The whole system operates reliably and controls preciously, which ensure the overall performance and the sterilizing effect.
2. The controlling system has HMI, which has the functions including multiple sterilizing processes for users to choose, setting the sterilizing parameters, displaying the parameters and the cycle phases, printing the sterilizing reports and the compelling hand operation.
3. The micro printer is used for recording and printing the key parameters of time, temperature and the pressure in the operation process, which is easy for the users to file and analyze technically.
4. The whole system has the over current, over loading and leaking power protection system.
Vacuum System:
1. Vacuum system is the necessary part which is used for disposing of the cool air, keeping the temperature in the chamber evenly and ensuring the sterilizing results. It plays an important role in the process of vacuum drying clothes and dressing bag.
2. The vacuum system of the sterilizer is mainly composed of liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum valve and the interconnecting pipelines. Among these, the vacuum pump is the key part. The vacuum system has good advantages of operating stably, low voice, high vacuum and quick air suction speed, which ensures the sterilizing effect and the whole performance.
Sterilizing Programs:
The sterilizer has multiple sets of sterilizing programs

Volume(L) 360
Door Structure Automatic operated, single-door
Chamber Size (L×W×H mm) 1020×550×650
Water Source (Pressure0.15---0.3MPa) 65Kg/cycle
Electric Supply AC380V,50Hz,21 KVA
Inbuilt Steam Generator AC380V,50Hz,18KW
Compressed Air (Pressure 0.5---0.8MPa) Used for pneumatic valves
Machine Size (L×W×H mm) 1360×1250×1800
Net Weight(Kg) 1200